P.S. I Adore You and Fighting Cancer

As many of you know…I am also in the medical field – so when P.S. I Adore You reached out to me to be the blog sponsor for March’s “Cancer Cutie”, I was all over it. P.S. I Adore You does this amazing thing every month for one children who has an unfortunate diagnosis. These children are so resilient and brave and I love that P.S. I Adore You helps to raise money for these families. Every month – at least 10 % of their profits go to the “Cancer Cutie” of the month. This month is for Mariah and below is her background.

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I would just love if you visited P.S. I Adore You to help support this little one for the month of March! Here are a few of my favorite picks:

Joybay Swing Car

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Mariah is our beloved child from God and is 10 years old! In 2013 she was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor called an Ependymoma. She immediately went into surgery to remove the golf ball sized tumor from the center of her brain. Her surgeon was amazing and, through God’s work, he removed the entire tumor. Alex and Jennifer, Mariah’s parents, spent the next two weeks in the hospital at her bedside while each day she became stronger. Eventually, she was back to our normal, healthy Mariah!  She entered the 4th grade and spent the year without any complications or mishaps!
Mariah’s six-month MRI scan showed up with a bright spot which the doctors perceived to be scar tissue. So we all waited three months for her next scheduled MRI only to receive the news that Mariah’s tumor had in fact returned aggressively to the same size it was the first time. Immediate surgery for a resection happened on May 15th.”
Mariah has also had many rounds of chemo, given in the port on her head, the port in her chest and via oral chemo. When she receives chemo through the port on her head, she immediately becomes very sick–this time in the bathroom and throwing up for several hours afterwards–regardless of preparing with several anti-nausea drugs. We had thought that this cycle would be slightly easier for her since it was outpatient, however we quickly realized how hard she had been hit. With the type of tumor Mariah had–AT/RT–it is necessary to combat the cancerous cells in as many ways as possible. For that reason, the direct chemo to her brain is done every month or two. This is alternated with the direct chemo that is put in her spinal fluid when she has a spinal tap to check for cancerous cells in the spinal fluid. This is done about every month or two as well. So far, (thanks be to God), Mariah has always had a negative spinal tap.  “
We have decided to no longer continue school. We have tried to manage this with the home bound school teacher for a couple months and we have found it next to impossible right now for Mariah to do any school work. She is simply too tired, too weak and has had trouble remembering things. We have her starting Speech, Occupational and Physical therapy this past month. It is hard to believe how much movement she has lost due to her chemotherapy and lack of physical activity. This is a vital part of her overcoming this ordeal and we have to keep working both during therapy and at home to make sure she retains as much movement as possible. We have also adjusted the feeds that she is receiving through her G-tube at night. We now have her on a higher calorie supplement in an attempt to keep her weight loss to a minimum as well as help her gain some weigh back.  “
We do not understand the reason behind this awful illness, but we are proclaiming Gods healing over our baby Mariah and that HIS will to be done. She is the toughest little lady and will fight. Jennifer and Alex and Gaby, Mariah’s older sister, will need an army of friendships and love and prayers to get them through this time. As you can imagine, this process is going to bring many challenges including exhorbitant medical bills and expenses. Jennifer will be out of work for an extended period of time without pay while Alex will be working intermittently. We love you all and thank you for any support you can give. May God’s blessings be upon you every day.”

MARCH Wish List

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I have been trying to come up with some fresh new content for the blog and decided to create little monthly wish lists for you all. A few items that I have my eye on for that particular month. Now, I do realize that a few of these things are skipping seasons into summer – but I can’t help myself! I am so SICK of this weather and I am dreaming of the warm summer sun!

The perfect sandals

A new lens

A $15 hat

Dreaming of summer sun – with this pool that’s under $45!

Making Memories and Keeping Them with Timeshel

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Ever since I became I mother, I have been somewhat of a crazy person about talking pictures. Granted, I am also a photographer which may have a little something to do with it ;)  I have been on the lookout for a service that offers high quality prints from Instagram and finally found it with timeshel.

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I love the way that the pictures are displayed – in a little capsule and the white borders. timeshel is extremely easy to use and there are two tiers of service that can meet everyones printing needs. Printing starts at just $5.95 per month for 10 prints in an envelope or $14.95/month for 30 photos in a shel. timeshel is only available for iOS in the Apple store.

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I love that I can store this little shel’s away as memories to look back upon year after year. It always scared me that I may lose my Instagram photos and this is a great way to keep them forever. Plus, ordering the prints took me less than 3 minutes.

Time is of the essence for us, right mamas?

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Here are some other ways to keep up with timeshel:

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{Olivia’s dress is from Gap, tights are Zara and hair clip is from Jellabee on Etsy}

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