Jul 23, 2014

Bohemian Blue

{outfit details}
Dress || August Salt via Piperlime (on sale for $24 with 20% code: FALL20)
Sandals || Marshalls
Olivia's shoes || sahndamarie kids

I was asked this month to be an ambassador for Maxi Cosi's new Bohemian Blue Collection. As always I am blown away and grateful for the opportunities that this blog has given me along the way. Seriously, blown away.
Anyways, this stroller is the one that you can easily fold up in a jiffy and it takes up very minimal space  when storing it in your car or house. It would also be great for small spaces, restaurants, etc. I really love the colors that the new collection comes in and they are very gender neutral. If we are blessed with another baby and it's a boy, I can easily still use this stroller. There is also a great amount of space underneath for my purse, DSLR, and baby bag. Key for success when going out. 
Oh, and did you notice anything else in these photos?
Yes, I totally went darker with my hair. I was so sick of the bleached nasty ends of my hair and wanted something much more natural. I am totally in love with it and I think it will lighten up a bit the more I am in the sun and outside. Anything to save time & money as a new mama! ;)

xo Happy Wednesday!

Jul 22, 2014

Printed Joggers & a Quick Poll!

{outfit details}
Top || thanks to East & Lo
Bottoms || thanks to East & Lo
Heels || Zara
Bag || Rebecca Minkoff
Necklaces || Ann Taylor & Accessory Concierge

Ok guys. I will be switching over to a new platform and a new space on the web soon (HELLO wordpress...finally) and would love to hear about what your favorite topics are and what you would like to see more of. It's really important to me that this is a space that inspires you and I want to know what those things are. 
It would mean the world if you could take this quick poll for me so that I can better understand YOU and give you want you want to see when the new blog is ready! 


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Jul 21, 2014

Peplum & Distressed

{outfit details}
Top || ASOS (old, similar here)
Denim || Free People thanks to Lily and Violet
Heels || Zara (similar)
Handbag || Brahmin
Bracelets || ASOS (sold out)

I have been sticking more with basic outfits these days since it is so much easier to get dressed when you can throw on some denim and a white tank (with some added flair). I usually have 5-8 minutes to get ready in the morning -- this usually means a rinse in the shower, styling some day old hair, and throwing on basic makeup before heading out for the day with the little one!

Jul 18, 2014

Baby Info 101: The Lowdown on your Newborn

“WHAT.  THE.  #$(#)(*$#?” uttered my husband early one morning.  It was Tuesday.  I can remember this through my haze of sleep deprivation, incisional pain and breast engorgement  only because my mother happened to mention how beautiful the sunset was for the last 2 days since we had brought my son home from the hospital.  Had 2 days really gone by without me having any knowledge of it?  Had it really only been 5 days since this miracle graced us with his presence?  It felt like I knew everything and yet nothing about him simultaneously.  Like we were age old friends meeting for the first time, and one of us didn’t even have the decency to shower before our first date.

Upon entering the room I noted two things.  Number one:  It was incredibly bright. Note to self:  Must remember to buy darkening shades for the baby’s room if I was going to be expected to keep up vampire levels of night time functioning without my retinas burning in protest the next morning.  Number two: My son was laying on the changing table with what I can only describe as a hot air balloon of thick black disgusting coming out of his rectum.
My husband and I stared in wondered amazement as the bubble grew ever bigger with each passing second. Our son really was the best, wasn’t he?  Only 5 days old and he was already proficient at making balloon animals.  We were smitten.

  And then it popped.  Nobody ever tells you that the poo pops.
This is only one of the many things that nobody tells you your child will do when you bring them home from the hospital; a point which I as a Mother, and a Pediatric PA am calling BS on.  In fact, there are so many things that infants do that seem other-worldly that I am considering petitioning to officially start referring to newborns as extraterrestrials. (I mean if someone can change their name to “Snoop Lion” or “Meta World Peace” without so much as a double take I don’t think this is too much to ask, no?)   So without further ado, here is the ultimate list of the weirdest, strangest and albeit completely normal things you can expect from your new best friend:

1)    Rainbow Poo:  Nobody really does prepare you for the ROY G. BIV that will be coming out of your kids butt.  The first stool, referred to as meconium, is a thick, black tarry substance that resembles something used to patch holes on Interstate 95 rather than actual bodily fluid.  It is present from the day of delivery to several days after (depending on the frequency of stool your infant has), has no smell, and is notorious for requiring a never ending supply of wet wipes for proper removal.  This stool generally gives way to a softer, somewhat less alien like mushy green stool that changes to normal infant stool that you can expect to be mustard yellow, seedy in consistency, soft, and more frequent in production than a frat boy with the post party beer runs (stooling with every feed is normal). 
Warning:  Rainbow poo can be fun, but be sure to let your pediatrician know if you infant is having a resurgence of black stools after initially clearing their meconium, bright red blood, white or clay colored stools or hard pellet like stools as these can be a sign of a problem in the intestines.

2)    “Are You Looking At Me?”:  If you asked my Mother what the most distressing thing a new baby does it’s the newborn eye wander.   Most new parents can tell you that at some point their child pulled the “It’s fun to look at both Mommy and Daddy simultaneously even when they are on opposite sides of the room” eye roll, and likely provoked a level anxiety somewhere between mild discomfort and an Armageddon of stress hormone. Rest assured however, this is not an indication that your child will soon start spitting pea soup and crawling backwards up the stairs a la Linda Blair, but rather just a mechanism of poor muscle control.  As your child matures you can expect this to gradually decrease over time and completely resolve by 2 months of age.

3)    Karma Chameleon: Newborns experience more color changes in the first weeks of life than the title character from your most beloved Boy George song.  They can go from a grey/purple color directly after delivery, to bright pink, to yellow and even orange in the setting of jaundice. That being said, some of the most anxiety producing color changes involve a blueness to the palms and soles that could put Poppa Smurf to shame.  This blue tinge, known as Acral Cyanosis is a completely normal finding in the newborn period. It is essentially a mechanism of poor circulation that improves over time as the circulatory system becomes more robust. Mothers can expect that this azure hue will intensify with feeding, when blood is shunted to the abdomen as a priority to aid in digestion. 
Warning:  I love the Smurfs more than the next person (GO SMURFETTE) but not all blueness should be ignored.  If you note blueness surrounding the mouth, sweating or shortness of breath with feeding this can be a sign of a heart condition in your newborn and should be immediately reported to your healthcare provider.

4)    Shake, Shake, Shake, Senora:  OK I BELIEVE YOU (sorry, I couldn’t help myself).  If you’re anything like me, odds are you didn’t expect your little bundle to shake more than a Mexican jumping bean on the Cinco De Mayo. This occurrence, known as the Startle or Moro reflex, refers to a symmetric splaying of the arms, legs, and fingers and an arching of the back in response to loud noises, a sensation of falling or sometimes for no reason at all.  

 My son would be CONSTANTLY flailing about, and seemed to be dancing to some kind of rhythm I just wasn’t privy to.  This in and of itself was not so distressing to me, but when he started waking himself up at night, this hell-tired Momma wanted NO PART OF IT.   A helpful tip to keep in mind is that if your baby begins to startle themselves awake, good swaddling can make for a better night’s sleep for all!
Warning: The Moro reflex can be distressing for new parents as it can easily be mistaken for seizure activity.  The thing to keep in mind is that symmetrical and periodic splaying of the extremities is normal, however if you note rhythmic shaking of one or all extremities, shaking that lasts > 30 seconds, or shaking that does not “extinguish” or stop when you hold the affected limb, this is the time to seek medical attention.

5)    Breath Holding: My vote for most distressing newborn trait is breath holding.  How many of you new Mommas out there can relate to the incessant need to check on the baby “just to make sure they are breathing”?  It’s an absolutely ridiculous, albeit totally common trait that is based in the space between biology, sleep deprivation, love and complete neuroticism.  This is not made any better by the fact that when I DO check on my son “just to make sure”  there have been periods of time in which I have barreled into the room only to find him NOT taking a breath for what seems like 17 eternities.
Welcome to newborn respiratory patterns.  It is completely normal for newborns to have periods of breathing more quickly, followed by slower more regular respirations and even periods of apnea or breath holding that can last anywhere from 10-15 seconds.  There really is no explanation as to WHY babies do this (although I’m convinced it’s a ploy at causing as many premature greys as possible); But  I figure this dealing with this level of anxiety and worry will only prepare me for the driving, dating, “Oh God, please don’t date THAT girl” teenage years. 

Oh God.  Please don’t date ANY girls. 

Keep on laughing Ladies- and keep the questions coming!


(Kristen is a PA-C in a Pediatric Emergency Room who will be providing posts about pediatric medicine (with some added humor). Stay tuned for more and as always -- send your questions along to me for Kristen to answer next time!)

Jul 16, 2014

Subtle Floral

{outfit details}
Blazer || Alice Yim
Dress || Patterson Kincaid thanks to Marshalls
Sandals || thanks to Marshalls
Handbag || Kate Spade thanks to Marshalls
Necklaces || thanks to Lulu Pink Jewelry

This dress is my go-to this season for weddings. I absolutely love the subtle color and floral pattern. It's just the right fit for dancing the night away and is forgiving if you want to have a few drinks and a big meal ;) 
Working over this past year with Marshalls has been an absolute dream. What a great team to work with. They sent this outfit to me a few weeks back and they could not have been more spot on when it comes to knowing my style. Romantic and dreamy, love - love - love!

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