Aug 30, 2014

Stock up for Fall with the Labor Day Weekend Sales!

This weekend is the best time to start refreshing your fall wardobe! It's also a great time to stock up on things for your little ones for next spring/summer, since it's all on sale!

You can shop all of my picks below ;)  Happy Shopping!

Aug 29, 2014

All About Baby || Liv at 11 months

Before I give you Liv's 11 month updates, I have to tell you that I started crying the other day thinking about her first birthday. is this for real? Pretty soon she is going to be telling me to shut up and to mind my own business. AH!! My heart cannot even take it. I wish we could bottle up time and stay in it forever sometimes. I already miss her being a little newborn! I look forward to all of her milestones, so it really is bittersweet watching her grow because I miss her being so small. The whole thing just amazes me. So don't mind me, I will be sobbing over in a corner somewhere for the next month.....

Weight: Baby O was 20.4 pounds at her 9 month visit! I am guessing she is around 22-23 pounds now!

Health:  We have a very healthy little babe and we are so, so grateful for that! She was sick once right around 6 months with a cough/cold. She recently started up at the daycare at our gym and started with a runny nose today - so maybe our second cold is on the horizon! Overall, so blessed to have a healthy baby. So, so blessed.....

{Olivia's Outfit}
Top || Sly Fox Threads
Tutu || Rock Your Baby
Doll || Mini Boheme

Sleep: Olivia has been sleeping through the month for about 3 months now. She occasionally wakes up in the middle of the night around 2 or 3 am and I still just nurse her back to sleep. It only happens about one night per week (if that). She takes two naps per day. One is immediately following her waking up and the second is from around 12 - 2ish. She stays up until her bedtime at 7!

Social: Olivia is about to start classes at a place called "My Gym". She is also enrolled in the daycare program at our gym which is great because she gets that interaction with other children on a daily basis and also is exposed to germs. I used to be totally against this, but it's good for her to build up her immune system!

Diet: Olivia is still without teeth! We have been careful about what we give her to "chew" on. She loves tiny bits of chicken, sweet potato and mandarin oranges! She is also still breast feeding! ;)

Clothes: 12 - 18 months for the most part!

Baby Gear Love: Liv has been loving any book that has pull flaps, this xylophone, the activity walker that i mentioned last month, & being outside!

Dislikes:  Olivia really dislikes getting dressed & she won't eat with a spoon unless is sounds and looks like an airplane ;)

Milestones: Liv is SO close to walking. She has stood a few times on her own and took a step here or there! We will see! 


You can check out Olivia's previous month updates here:

Aug 28, 2014


{outfit details}
Top || Forever 21
Skirt || Thrifted (similar below)
Heels || Zara (similar below)
Purse || Brahmin
Bow Bracelet || Forever 21 

{Shop the post} 

Getting the most out of my crop tops before summer comes to an end (course, there are always cropped sweaters to indulge in as the fall season approaches!) 
As a person who HATED the crop top trend, it totally grew on me this summer and it's definitely something I am going to hold onto for fall as well. I have been scouting out the best cropped fall sweaters and linked them below! :)

Aug 27, 2014

Interiors || Handira Wedding Blanket Giveaway

This week is the week of giveaways. I am SO excited to introduce you to my friend Jacqueline from over at Indigo & Lavender. She has the most beautiful shop and since I am very much in love with bohemian interiors, it is right up my alley. She is traveling back over to Marrakech in September to stock up on her Beni Ourains and Boucherouites! She has another trip planned to visit Turkey to pick up kilims and pillows as well! So make sure to follow along with her to see what she brings back!

The giveaway will run until September 3rd. You must first head over to my instagram account --> here & follow along with my account and @indigolavender. Then tag three friends on the giveaway post! If you want to get some extra entries, use the Rafflecopter below to get some more points in! ;)

You can also repost the giveaway image on Instagram for extra entries as well!  Use the hashtag #handirablanketgiveaway when you repost!

Good Luck! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Aug 26, 2014

Littles || Our Favorites for the Halloween Season

Okay, I know it's still August, but I can't help myself. I am totally freaking out for fall to get here and I cannot wait to decorate for the halloween season. 

Oh, and I totally have a new love for everything black + white.

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