Apr 24, 2011

Boots I'd Love to Marry

Cardigan and Blouse: TJ Maxx//Skirt: Target//Belt: Spotted Moth//Sunglasses: Forever 21//Boots: Vintage

How was everyone's Easter? We had a beautiful peak of sunshine in the morning, which was a breath of fresh air, considering the weather as of lately. 
Even though I have owned these boots for a few years...I have been reaching for them more and more recently. I can walk (even run...if needed) several miles without blistered ankles and toes. They are broken in, and as far as I'm concerned there is nothing better than a run down pair of comfy boots. 

PS. I am beyond embarrassed to even admit this, but if you look at the close-up picture of my sunglasses- you will notice the STICKER is still on them...YES I'm ridiculous...

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Apr 18, 2011

Color Blocking ((Bloggers Do It Better))

Picnik collage
Top: Style Sofia//Skirt & Socks: H&M//Sandals: Target//Sunglasses: Forever 21//Necklace: Ann Taylor//Watch: Michael Kors

Kristina of Pretty, Shiny, Sparkly created a new series in which WE (us bloggers) participate in an "assignment" every so often. Now, this is not an "assignment" like when we were in grade school...it's supposed to be fun, people! So I suggest you join in and hang out with us for awhile, we would love to have you! 
As for the outfit, I recently snagged this skirt at my local H&M and LOVED the bright orange (my favorite color). The socks caught my eye at the checkout and turns out that they worked pretty well with this outfit. Oh, and I am totally that person who buys everything at the checkout. I fall for the gimmicks every time..."10 socks for $10--it's like they know exactly how to get me to spend money...
If you participated in the assignment this week, make sure to let me know in the comments so I can visit!  

Apr 17, 2011

Spring Brights

Spring Brights

Spring Brights <--click here for product info

If money grew on trees (yes, I still hope that will happen) then this would be my current wish list for spring. I am obsessing over the bold, bright colors. I would love both of these dresses for a few weddings I have this summer. What would you buy right now if money were no object?

Apr 16, 2011

Weekend Workout


The weekend is here and that doesn't mean you can slack off ;) Well, if you already worked out every day this week, then I guess I'll let it slide...
Here is the workout I have planned for tomorrow. If you join in-tweet at me and let me know how you did! 

I do this workout based on time. The quicker I can do it each week- the better shape I am in. Don't get discouraged if it takes you a long time the first time around. You will get faster and you will see results! 

Lynzy's Boot Camp Workout
  • 120 yard sprint (the length of a football field)
  • 10 Burpee Push-ups
  • 20 Jumping Jacks
  • 20 Bicycle Crunches
  • 120 yard sprint
  • 10 Burpee Push-Ups
  • 20 Jumping Jacks
  • 20 Bicycle Crunches
  • 120 yard sprint
  • 30 Mountain Climbers
  • 10 Jumping Lunges
  • 10 Star Jumps
  • 120 yard sprint
  • 30 Mountain Climbers
  • 10 Jumping Lunges
  • 10 Star Jumps
  • 1 mile jog
PS. Remember to walk/job for 5 minutes for a warm-up before you go right into the sprint in the beginning. Take your time and if you are tired and winded, take a break. Let me know your times! :)

Apr 14, 2011

Yellow Submarine

Picnik 1 collage
Top:Vintage//Pants: H&M//Hat: American Eagle//Sandals: Steve Madden//Necklace: Vintage//Watch: Urban Outfitters

Don't ask me why I named this post "Yellow Submarine" because I really just don't have a good reason-it was honestly the first thing that came to mind...
Oh, and Yes...my necklace is in fact broken but I was so upset that I took pictures with it anyway. I fell in love with it at a vintage shop and this was my first time wearing it-I'm praying that I can fix it but I am not very handy like that. 
That is really it for today, I think I am delirious from working too many hours ;) 

Apr 12, 2011

A Storm is Going to Come

Tracy Feith for Target Dress//Hat:Vintage//Necklace: F21//Havianas

These pictures were taken on the beach right before a tornado hit. I know what your thinking..."What an idiot, why would she stand on the beach right before a natural disaster..." Well I didn't know it was coming until I heard it on the news a few hours later. The tornado hit a beach a bit north of this and didn't cause too much ruin there. 
There is something about weather that is truely intriguing to me. I could watch storm updates over and over again until I am pulled away from the screen. I love watching the storms roll in from the comfort of my home. The best place to watch them is the beach....

I went a bit crazy with the new GO International designer collective dresses at Target when they were introduced in March. ((They are all on sale NOW!)) This particular one is my favorite because of the bright colors and full skirt. Did you get a chance to buy any of them? Which one if your favorite?

PS. there is something quite funny in one of these pictures that I realized after I uploaded these...can you see what it is? ;)  

Apr 10, 2011

Workout of the Day


image via weheartit

I have always been a huge fan of the Crossfit workouts. I love that the workouts always vary and your body gets to change it up every few minutes during the workout. Don't get me wrong, I love my runs every once and awhile- but running a 6 mile run can get pretty boring (for me anyways). 
This weekend my boyfriend and I wanted to integrate some Crossfit into our daily workouts and we didn't have enough time to get to the gym. We decided to make up our own workout- which I frequently do. This is something that EVERYONE can do, as long as you can get outside. All you need is two legs and a little bit of motivation :)
Oh, and just so you know-for distance I use my Garmin Forerunner 305- which is an amazing piece of equipment. If you don't have a watch that can track your distance - use Map My Run. This website allows you to mark where you started your run and where you end, to tell you how far you ran total. 

Saturday's Workout
800 km run (0.5 miles)
Burpee Push-ups (as many as you can in 2 minutes)
Sit-ups (as many as you can in 2 minutes)
Jumping Lunges (as many as you can in 2 minutes)

You repeat this 3 times total. The workout is approx. 30-35 minutes, depending on how fast you run. 

Every Sunday I will post a new workout for that week. If you join in- let me know! I would love to know how you do!

Apr 7, 2011

April Showers....(Rainy Day Wear)

April Showers

Umbrella, Topshop, $40
Yellow Hooded Coat, Topshop, $92
Hunter Rainboots, Nordstrom, $125

Clear Strawberry Print Umbrella, Topshop, $30
Pimlico jacket, All Saints, $350
Kate Spade "Randi" Rain Boots, Bloomingdales, $125

Marimekko Umbrella, Crate and Barrel, $25
Cath Kidston Spot Rain Mac, John Lewis, $49
Red Flower Field Rain Boots, Shop Ruche, $50

You all know what they say...April showers, bring May flowers. Whoever made up this saying is usually spot on and as I was scanning my closet recently I realized a few things...
a.) I don't own a "rain" jacket (how ridiculous?)
b.) I own one umbrella and it flips inside out whenever I use it, thus making me look like a fool
c.) Whenever it rains I look like a wet dog

For all of the reasons above I decided to start browsing online for my favorites. I found a few jackets at Eddie Bauer (I have never actually bought anything from there, have you?) that looked pretty cute and would be justifiable in a rain storm. My favorite of the looks above is the first one- the umbrella is just darling-I'm just not quite sure it could actually withhold the rain ;)

So how 'bout all of you ladies (gents)...where did you buy your rain coat, booties and umbrellas from?

Apr 5, 2011

Bright Days Ahead

Wearing: Top: H&M//Crochet Shorts: Shop Ruche//Necklace: Vintage//Wedges: Old Navy//Sunglasses: Coach
Photographs taken by my very talented S.O. {significant other} ;)

One of our sunny days of vacation was spent lounging on the beach, reading (while also burning) and an amazing dinner on the water. 
We were scouting out places to take photos and came across this distorted tree in all its wonder. It reminds me of a tree from a fantasy world- like Harry Potter (have I mentioned my obsession with him yet?) 

Oh, and I have to mention how ridiculously comfy these wedges are. I was desperate for a pair of colored wedges right before vacation and began scouted out my local stores (which isn't much). I tried Marshalls and TJ Maxx with no luck and finally went into Old Navy. As if these babies had come down from heaven-they were displayed right in front of me as I walked in the store. I thought "Well they are perfect but probably not that comfortable- I can suck it up." Turns out I will be heading back to Old Navy for more colors, I love them!

Apr 3, 2011

The Oxford Parade


Wearing: Blazer: H&M//Lace Dress: T.J. Maxx//"Myrtle" Oxfords c/o Wanted Shoes//Hat: Forever 21//Necklace: Forever 21

I am back from the sunny beaches of Florida. We had an amazing time and wish we could have stayed longer, however there is a comfort knowing that you have a weekend at home with no plans. Vacation pictures will come soon but for now...a letter to Mother Nature...

Dear Mother Nature,
I am quite disappointed in the weather you have given us the past few weeks. I believe that we celebrated spring exactly 2 weeks ago and all you have provided the Northeast with is...SNOW. We have record breaking snow fall this year and still, you want to give us more.
I travel to Florida to rid myself of this crap we call weather and I was bombarded with torrential downpours and tornados. While, I had sunshine for 30% of my trip, I wonder to myself...are you punishing me? Give us some warmth and sunshine! :)
xo Lynzy

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