Jul 28, 2011

Style Correspondent


I could not have been more excited about the Nokia and Elle Style Correspondent Competition. I entered without any hesitation and crossed both my fingers and toes as I went through the first and second rounds. As I stand next to these 50 amazing, stylish and talented bloggers, I think to myself...What do I have to bring to the table as a Style Correspondent?

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My Style Philosophy
I truly believe that if you express your personality through what you wear, you can never go wrong. I do not prefer one specific style. If i wake up feeling like conquering the day, I throw on a sleek knee length black dress and black heels. The next day may be a romantic frilly dress with pink heels. A daily change of style can keep your relationship with fashion brand new and it keeps growing year after year. 

New York Fashion Week
The question is.."What makes New York City the fashion capital of the world? 
I believe the question should read..."What doesn't make New York City the fashion capital of the world?" 
I have now had the amazing opportunity to visit NYC for Fashion Week twice. I have never seen a city so bright and so alive. The hustle and bustle as each day begins is more exciting than the last. Thousands of designers and fresh faces pursuing a career in fashion venture in to this city each year hoping to gain more knowledge and insight. One can stare into the city streets of the Garment District for hours, gazing at the style that strolls through there. From setting design trends to boasting a significant number in sales every year, NYC takes the cheese for being the fashion capital of the world. 

Staple Wardrobe and Accessories
Where do I begin? Each time I have packed for New York Fashion Week, I end up sitting in my closet for hours upon hours debating what to bring. Thankfully I have come up with a solution to this. The first step in packing is creating some brief sketches that I work on a week before. I sketch each outfit with the accessories to match. Once I have drawn up about 10 outfits and i feel confident about them all- I throw everything into my suitcase and I'm off! This year my staple wardrobe and accessories will definitely consist of the following:
  • Polka Dots ranging from microscopic to bold 
  • Bell Bottom Pants and Tunics for that quick run to the coffee shop
  • Bold Blocks of Color
  • A Parka for those brisk nights
  • A Super Luxe Tux
  • A slouchy beret and a floppy fedora
  • Neutral oversize clutch
  • Nokia N8 (duh)
I will keep the rest up my sleeve as a surprise ;)

Picnik collage
I definitely couldn't have made this portfolio without the Nokia N8. The video you see below was shot with the Nokia N8 and I was stunned by the results. This 12 megapixel phone has a lot of guts. What blogger wouldn't want to shoot videos, snap pictures, chat and text with this slim little gadget? 
Picnik collage
And now for a silly little video ....

Video shot by my fiance and edited by my good pal, Al - creator of the Creative Strategy Agency

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Jul 26, 2011

Fell in Love on the Seaside


{Outfit Details} Dress: c/o VJ Style (still available here)//Sandals: Jeffrey Campbell//Hat: American Eagle//Belt: NY & Co.//Earrings: c/o Accessorize//Necklace: Dragonfly Necklace by Emerson Made//Karen Walker Sunnies

So as many of you already know...
This weekend was filled with excitement. We wandered up to a beach near the place we met this weekend and my boyfriend (now fiance) got down on one knee. So surreal. So exciting. This place we stumbled upon for outfit pictures ended up being one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Totally secluded beach with the sound of the waves crashing upon the shore. If you can believe this...there was even the sound of African drums coming from someone's home far away. I couldn't ask for a better proposal or a better man to share the rest of my life with. 
Thank you for dealing with me at my best as well as my worst <3

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Jul 25, 2011

...and then there was....



Jul 22, 2011

A Summer Wedding: Guest Attire

Picnik collage

Dress: Erin Fetherston, The Outnet
Clutch: Weekend Vanessa Clutch, Pree Brulee
Bracelet: Ishtar Mixed Metal Bracelet, Pree Brulee
Shoes: Miu Miu Glitter Peep Toes, Bluefly

'Tis the season for multiple weddings happening all at once. It can be rather stressful to pick out outfits for the 6 or 7 weddings you have lined up between now and Novemeber. This pick is for a late summer wedding. Sticking to brights and sparkles always helps to liven up the party. 
I recently discovered the most adorable little jewelry shop, Pree Brulee. Aside from the amazing items I found, they just so happened to be AFFORDABLE as well...
Who would have thunk it?!
Some of my favorite pieces (besides the ones featured above) are this gorgeous tear drop necklace, a fun friendship bracelet, and the best one of them all- the Maya Necklace.

Jul 21, 2011

Retro Party

Shirt: H&M//Scarf: Vintage//Shorts: 1980's Vintage via Goldilocksincognito on Etsy (on sale SOON- message her to reserve them)//Boots: Urban Outfitters

I began to giggle at myself in a few of these. The 80's housewife look. Hike your shorts up, tie your shirt up and throw your hair back with a scarf. I just adore the cut of these denim shorts!

Jul 19, 2011

Down By The Sea/The Bigger Picture

Picnik collage
{Outfit Details} Tank Top: Vintage//Skirt c/o Le Lapin D'or//Hat: Forever 21//Shoes: Impo via TJ Maxx//Watch: Michael Kors

A day on the beach is my favorite kind of day. It's a shame that it takes over an hour to get to any one beach around here, otherwise I would be there every day.  Something about sinking my toes in the sand and listening to the ocean waves makes me feel at peace. The ocean makes me feel as though the world is so much bigger than we think and some of our problems (that we think we have) are so trivial and silly. Looking at the bigger picture introduces a new way of thinking. Push aside your petty issues (like the fact that your straightener broke or you forgot your cell phone at home) and look at the bigger picture. We all have to remind ourselves of that from time to time. 
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Jul 18, 2011

Pink Leopard

{Style Attire} Leopard Cardigan: Ann Taylor (similar style on sale here)//Pants: Zara//Bag: Spotted Moth//Sandals: Zara//Hat: American Eagle//Sunglasses: Karen Walker//Necklace: Vintage//Flower pin: H&M//Belt: Target

This outfit is from a few weeks back when I visited NYC. We were on our way home and stopped for some fro-yo near the Yale campus and stopped for some photos. 
I am so unbelievably exhausted from my whirlwind of a trip to the UK. Between the time change, a red eye flight and lots of travelling - I am tuckered. I had such a wonderful time touring London for the first time and travelling up north for a best friend's wedding. We saw the country side via train and visited a beach town for the wedding. I have to say that everyone over here has been so friendly and courteous to us and we really enjoyed ourselves. I will be sure to share my adventures with you in the upcoming weeks, once I get my life in order!
Oh, and this is my first week of MARATHON training. So between that and my busy life at work I will try my best to get back on the blogging wagon! How was everyone elses' week/weekend?!
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Jul 15, 2011

In the Army Now

Shirt: Old Navy//Dress: c/o Club Couture//Booties: I want to say Sam Edelman, however with little sleep I cannot be too sure//Necklace: Forever 21//Watch: Michael Kors

On a breezier day than normal I opted for a layered dress, sheer top and some real comfy booties. I wore this to NYFW in Jan. this year and almost made the whole day walking around the city in them, until the very last minute. I couldn't believe how comfortable they were! On another note, I'm a jerk because I took these pictures and then realized I had left the tag on the sheer top. It was in the majority of the pictures and I decided to quit for the day after that. Silly brain
I also have to mention that one of my major pet peeves this week is "road hogs". You know, the people who think that they own the entire sidewalk and walk you right off of it. Either that or you don't give into their BS and you both just walk directly into each other, mumbling swears under your breath as you walk away. Does this happen to anyone else besides me?  or maybe I am the road hog? Hmm...something to ponder.
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Jul 14, 2011

Giveaway: $50 to Club Couture!

Picnik collage

Hi All!! I have a fabulous surprise for you today...
A $50 Gift Certificate to Club Couture! They have an amazing new collection called "She Dreams of the Country" collection. The dresses are absolutely stunning and perfect for a casual date or wedding attire! I picked a few of my favorites above, but you should check out the rest of the collection here!
1.) Follow Club Couture's latest news on their facebook page

For An EXTRA entry, you can join me on my facebook page as well :)

Contest will end in ONE week, JULY 25th!

Jul 11, 2011

Train Tracks

Picnik collage
{Outfit Details} Cutout Vintage 1980's Dress soon to be sold in Goldilocksincognitos' ETSY shop//Shoes: Vena Cava via Saks//Hat: Vintage//Rings: Forever 21//Watch: Michael Kors

Helloooo gorgeous. This dress is everything I have ever wanted and more. Lucky for you, it will be available in Goldilockincognito's Etsy Shop VERY SOON- you can go reserve the dress because the listing is up (click here)! It breaks my heart to part with it but I am happy that someone else with have the opportunity to love it as much as I do.
I wore this to a night out for pizza and fro-yo. What is a better combination than pizza, fro-yo and a killer cut-out dress?
Yah, that's what I thought ;)
How was your weekend?!

Jul 10, 2011

Grand Central

DSC_0165 - Copy
{Outfit Details} Shirt: Boys Section at Target ($8!!)//Shorts: Forever 21//Handbag: Lulus//Necklace: Vintage//Sneakers: Can't remember//Bracelets: H&M/Forever 21//Watch: Michael Kors

While I was in NYC, I made plans to meet up with Caroline from Sweet Caroline in the City. She is the cutest thing straight from Texas- accent and all. We didn't have much time to meet but I ran to the Grand Central Cafe and met her for a glass of wine and some "routine" pictures. 
I cannot wait for us to meet up again, Caroline! :)

Jul 8, 2011

NYC In Photos

Camera Effects

1.} NYC at Sunset
2.} Go Berry- Totally in love with fro-yo. I could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner
3.} Lunch at Bryant Park Grill
4.) Shake Shack- Best Burger and Shakes 
5.) NYC at Sunset (I couldn't get enough) 
6.) Boyfriend with a Brooklyn Ale at the Jazz Festival
7.) Playing around in the hotel
8.) New found friendship with Sarah from Style on the Couch (I miss you!)