Nov 30, 2011

The Blogging Circle of Debt: A Serious Subject

Image created by me

We are all totally aware of how many times we visit another blogger's site and click on the item's information and price. But, how many times do you actually PURCHASE?
Let's face it: it's a dangerous world out there. I mean hell, some of these blogging gals look really darn cute in that sequin skirt and I need it. I also really love that gorgeous piece of art I saw on Susie's blog, maybe I could give it as a present? That reminds me, I saved a few of my favorite items from Susie's blog the last time I was there- I should buy those before they sell out. BLAH BLAH BLAH. Your mind will run in circles. 
Are you one of these people? I have realized that I, unfortunately, am one of those people. I don't purchase as much- but certainly do save all of my wanted items to my **Have to Have account. I don't need these items, I only want them. I need things like heat, food, water- you get the picture.
Anyways, I created this post so that you can all become more aware of your money and your credit card accounts. Every item that you see, is not something you need. We all need to be reminded of that (myself, more than others).
Tell me: are you a victim of the blogging circle of debt?

Nov 28, 2011

Shimmering Gold

{Outfit Details} Kendall K Dress (c/o), Forever 21 Jacket, H&M Fur Stole, H&M Booties, Social Experiment Ring (c/o)

The fact that is gets dark around 4 pm makes it difficult to steal a few pictures. Managed a few before it was too dark to see. I fell in love with this Kendall K Dress the second I saw it. It's a perfect color combination with a splash of shimmering gold for the holidays!
How was your holiday weekend?

Nov 22, 2011

A Chill in the Air

{Outfit Details} Sweater Coat by Milly (via Lucky Shops), Pixiedusk Heartloom Dallas Blouse, Forever 21 Suede Skirt, H&M Booties, Forever 21 Necklace

I must have walked around Lucky Shops three times before falling head over heels for this gorgeous sweater coat. The second I put it on, I knew it had to be mine. It was the last one on the shelf and I felt like it was meant to be. You can find me snuggling with my Milly sweater on the couch, if you need me...

Nov 16, 2011

Layer it Up

{Outfit Details} H&M Coat, BB Dakota Fur vest (c/o), Madewell Striped Sweater, J.Crew Pants, Forever 21 Moto Boots, Karen Walker Sunglasses (Borrowed from Sonia)

Some pictures from my recent to trip to NYC, missing it already. It was a brisk, windy day and I opted for a few layers to keep me warm! There is nothing like having those yellow cabbies in the background of your pictures to make you feel like a city gal. 

Nov 14, 2011

Engagement Session Sneak Peek by Rodeo and Co.

engagement session

I could not be more excited to introduce you to Meg from Rodeo and Co. I have to say that the hardest part of my wedding planning thus far has been choosing a photographer. I think that the memories from your wedding are the MOST important part and I wanted to make sure I chose someone whose style and personality would work well with us. Meg not only produces beautiful photography but she's fun to work with as well. If your in the New England area, I highly suggest you look into her work. 
I have only seen a few photos from our session last week and cannot wait to see the rest!

{Outfit Details} Forever 21 Jacket (last year), Ralph Lauren Shirt, Blaque Label Skirt, Mia Boots "Nanette" (on sale), Vintage pearl necklace

Nov 9, 2011


{Outfit Details} Forever 21 Blouse, ASOS Bowtie (similar), H&M Trench Coat, J. Crew Trousers, Nine West Black Pumps, SAS Handbag (c/o)
*Pictures taken by Lauren

A brief outfit outtake from the Lucky Magazine event (Lucky Shops) last weekend. I scored the most AUH-mazing Milly sweater coat- I cannot wait for you all to see it. 

p.s. - check out another preppy ensemble over on audrey's lovely blog.

Nov 8, 2011

ING NYC Marathon Recap

{Photo 1} Carbo- loading for the marathon during brunch with Sonia- love her
{Photo 2} Preparing everything the night before. My fiance also ran the marathon but didn't have an "official" number. 
{Photo 3} Photo from lululemon. A gorgeous picture of runners during the race
{Photo 4} My friend and I after the race with our medals

My Marathon Recap 
The NYC Marathon was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I have to be straight up when I say that I didn't train as much as I wanted to, BUT the race was EASIER than I expected. Now, this doesn't mean it was easy by any was extremely difficult. I hit a wall twice (at mile 14 and mile 20) and my friend was able to get me through them to keep going. We ran the entire time and never stopped once. We didn't stop at the water stations, we grabbed them while running. We also ate all of our energy bloks, powerbars and jelly belly energy beans while running. I believe that the worst thing you can do is stop and walk during a marathon. Walking is more difficult and I lose focus if I stop (even once). I am beyond sore today and can barely stand up, but I wouldn't change a thing. 
Tips for encouraged runners who want to run a marathon
1.) You do not need a personal trainer to tackle this feat. I used this book to train and it worked wonders for me. My longest run was only 18 miles and you taper at the end. 
Book: The Non-Runner's Marathon Trainer
I don't consider myself a born runner. Meaning, I don't think my body/legs were meant to run like some other people who are born to do it. Running does not come easy to me and I had to work very hard during the 4 months of training. 
2.) You need to set time away on the weekends for your long runs. You will forever be able to tell your family/friends that you ran a marathon. IT IS WORTH IT.
3.) When you are running more than 30 minutes/3 miles, you need to eat. You should be eating every 30 minutes. I recommend Clif Shot Bloks in Black Cherry, Powerbar Performance Energy Bars in Peanut Butter, Jelly Belly Sport Beans in assorted flavors
4.) Invest in a running belt. You need to constantly keep hydrated.
5.) When you start to think that you don't have the energy to train anymore. THINK AGAIN.

If anyone has any questions or wants tips on training, email me! :)

Nov 7, 2011

Neon Lights

{Outfit Details} Vintage neon sweater::::Zara Vest (girls section)::::J. Crew riding pants::::Mia Nanette Boots (c/o)::::Forever 21 Necklace::::Banana Republic Handbag

This is what is left over from crazy storm Alfred. It reached 55 degrees and I was actually sweating. I guess I got used to being freezing cold!
I went shopping 2 weeks ago via the girl's section on Zara. I was skeptical at first, not being able to try anything on but everything fits perfectly! I highly suggest it. 

Nov 4, 2011

ING NYC Marathon Weekend: It's Here!

It's here!! The marathon that I have been training for (or lack thereof)! I am hoping to get it done under 5 hours. I haven't had the opportunity to train as much (or as hard) as I wanted to, so I am hoping for the best. The run is more mental preparation then it is physical. I am off to NYC today to attend the Lucky Magazine event, I am so excited! Saturday will be my fueling day and Sunday I am off! If you are along the route- wave to me! 

Nov 2, 2011

Don't Take Anything for Granted


{Outfit Details} Vintage Faux Fur Coat via Hinterland Vintage (Etsy shop)/Vintage Top//J Brand 901 Low Rise in coated teal (c/o)//Sole Society Heels (c/o)//Anjolee Ring (c/o)

* These pictures are from last week- when I could use a hair straightener and hair dryer :)
A little update:
You know when you get home from work and flip on that light switch and walk into your kitchen and heat up some dinner and enjoy a little TV before bed?
It's funny because I am actually getting used to the low hum of the power generators in the pitch black night, carrying around flashlights to walk around the house, and bundling up in 5 layers of clothing. I mean, this is how people USED to live, right?
We won't have our power back until Sunday by midnight. If I can tell you's to NEVER take what you have for granted. You can use your lamps. You can stay warm. You have warm food. You can take a hot shower. You can wake up in the morning without seeing the steam from your breath in the cold air. You can access the INTERNET. You can watch TV with EXCLUSIVE channels. I mean, c'mon- we ALL take that for granted, don't we?

I came to work early today to get warm and use the internet (which I forgot existed). Unfortunately, it doesn't do well with editing pictures so the images were not edited and the size could not be adjusted. But it's a post! YAY!
 I am in love with my new "anniversary ring" from Anjolee. You can find other anniversary rings and diamond anniversary rings on their site!           

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