Nov 5, 2012

Blue Bicycle

{Outfit Details}     Old Navy Sweater     Zara Shirt (from the boys section)    
Current/Elliot Denim     Linea Pelle Dylan Tote     Zara Heels     
Accessories: Zara Necklace/gifted Bubble Necklace via Cheerfully Charmed
Pictures taken 2 weeks ago before storm Sandy rolled through. We didn't get hit nearly as hard as last year (we had >1 foot of snow and we were without power for 7 days), but the gorgeous foliage has been swept off the trees. Fall came to an end too quickly around here and these storms are beginning to scare me quite a bit. 
Between the enormous snow storm last October and the tornados we have been seeing here in the Northweast, I have been looking more and more into the science behind global warming. The following articles have my mind spinning:
What are your thoughts behind all of this? What crazy weather have you been experiencing where you live?

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  1. I know exactly how you feel. I live in Utah and last year we barely got any snow. The only thing I could think of is that global warming has something to do with it. Hopefully we can all make some positive changes to help the environment. I love this whole outfit, the layered necklaces and that shirt with the bicycles on it! So cute! Pictures are gorgeous also.


  2. Not that I don't love sweaters as much as the next girl but I know what you mean. I live in San Francisco and the unusual degree of sunniness we've had this year makes me nervous--and that's NOTHING compared to the weather-attacks east of the Mississippi. Clearly, Al Gore needs to get back to work :)

  3. Love your outfit. I have been loving the bubble necklaces this season.
    happy monday. xoxo

  4. What a great shirt! I love that you found it in the boys section!


  5. This shirt is so fun - I love shopping the kids' sections for great finds like this! We had snow over the weekend, which is early (even for us in upstate NY) - very sad that fall ended & winter began so fast :(

  6. Love this look! You are great at layering jewelry. I don't know if I buy into global warming. There are plenty of arguments against it. Anything the government or celebrities try to sell makes me wonder...


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  7. loving all the layered necklaces & the tiny blue bikes on your shirt!!! all of it is so fun!
    those leaves look fun too :)
    beautiful pictures!

    xo. c & v
    cake & valley

  8. awesome look with beautiful foliage background!


  9. I love this outfit, the blue looks great on you! There has been some crazy weather everywhere, here in Norway we had 4 feet of snow before Halloween! Thankfully it is gone now. -Heidi

  10. Such a perfect outfit for fall! I miss the changing leaves so much! I'm glad to hear you're safe and dry after Sandy. Hope you had a great weekend Lynzy! xx

  11. I've been seeing those bubble necklaces everywhere!! i love how you layered them with this entire outfit! :D

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  12. Love this outfit, and what a fun place to take pictures!

  13. The jewelry definitely makes this outfit!!


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