Nov 6, 2012

Featured: Lucky Magazine & Caravelle by Bulova

Taken from Lucky Magazine (December 2012) with instagram 
(follow along with me- @sparklingfootsteps)
Above video is behind the scenes at the photo shoot with Caravelle by Bulova and Lucky Magazine!

If the video doesn't work, you can watch here

Ok guys, how surreal is this? I almost died when I found out I was going to NYC for a photo shoot with Lucky & Bulova. What a dream! The day was ridiculously fun. The stylists were amazing and I loved everything they put me in. My makeup artist/hair stylist was so down to earth and amazing. The day was more than I could have ever asked for and I am so happy for this opportunity. 
This could have never happened without everyone's support of this blog. You all truly warm my heart and I am so thankful for readers that are so genuine and supportive, so thank you.


  1. aw, congrats again, missy! You did such an amazing job and you look beautiful!!!!!

  2. You look so gorgeous here! Congrats on the feature!


  3. Yayyy, I was so excited for you when you won! Congratulations! :)

  4. so very exciting!!! Congratulations! the pictures are gorgeous!!


  5. Very cool! Congrats on the shoot, very exciting! -Heidi

  6. I was just flipping through my Lucky last night and saw your ad and thought, "I know her!" (In a way that I "know" you through your blog:) I'm so happy for you that you had such an amazing opportunity. You looked great. You're famous!

  7. This is fantastic! I hope you get more gigs like this, you look so natural. I'll be sure to get my own copy of this issue. Congrats!!

  8. So amazing, Lynzy! What an incredible opportunity and so well deserved! Can't wait to read through my issue of Lucky to see you! xx

  9. What an awesome, awesome opportunity Lynzy! Congrats! Couldn't have happened to a better person! :)

    xx, Stephanie :)

  10. congrats! Loved seeing this in the issue!
    xoxo stylelista

  11. Congrats Lynzy! That's so exciting :) What an amazing opportunity and you look fabulous.

    xx Julia

  12. Freckin epic! You totally are a great choice for the brand. The video is adorable and I love how well spoken you are. Congrats again.

  13. OMG congrats! That is so amazing!

  14. CONGRATS girl. i was so excited when i saw you in my lucky mag! what an amazing opportunity!

    xoxo, jenn
    the stylish housewife

  15. I was so excited when I saw you in Lucky. I wanted to shout out "Hey, I know her" but I don't actually know you I just feel like I do from following your blog! I loved that sequin burst grey sweatshirt. Who was that by? Anyway, congrats girl! so incredible!


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