Dec 15, 2012

He Heals the Brokenhearted....

Psalms 147:3
I woke up this morning sick. Sick to my stomach at the thought that we all need to start our day. Some of us to work, some of us to a holiday party.....
How do we just move on from this? I just cannot seem to ease the pain I have in my heart.

My eyes well up with tears when I see a little one, hear the television or read the news. 
This world is a grim and scary place to be. We need to stick together more than ever and just pray. Pray for those sweet little babies who are flying high in heaven. Who were not even given a fighting chance. ...
To you mommies and daddies who lost a little yesterday: May you have the strength and courage to know that your baby is playing amongst the heavens and is safe there. always safe. May you know that you will soon join them, and that this must be enough for you, for now....
For those that survived and must live knowing that evil exists: You are better than evil. You can overcome this. It will be hard, but you have your mommies and daddies to hold tight. Never take that for granted. They will be strong for you, even when you cannot be....
For those that lost a teacher, a parent, a friend, a brother, a sister: Know that they lost their lives doing something courageous. The principal tried to warn everyone right before it happened. The fear in her heart is something that most of us will never experience. Those people are heroes. HEROES. 

Peace be with you little babies and those courageous adults that are with you-protecting you in heaven....


  1. This is a truly lovely post! It's hard to not be affected by a tragedy of this proportion. Thoughts & prayers go out to this Newtown community and those who have lost loved ones.

    Haute Child in the City

  2. Beautifully written!

  3. Beautiful picture with a beautiful post. Thank you

  4. i was bawling my eyes out last night upon hearing the news.. i don't even know the little kids. what more if i was a parent?

    what a sad sad day.. :(

  5. I really, really had a tough time reading about the massacre of those kids. Still trying to make sense of how someone could do that. Not sure it ever will make sense.

  6. As a parent, this tragedy has hit me so hard...especially with a son who will be going to kindergarten for the first time next year. I am seriously considering homeschooling now, but I know I cannot protect him by simply keeping him home with me forever.

    I am praying daily for those families who lost their children...who probably already had wrapped their Christmas presents and hid them under the bed. I cannot imagine what they are going through


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