Jul 31, 2012

Honeymoon Trip to Bali

photo credit: one // two // three // four

Planning our honeymoon was by far one of my favorite parts of the wedding planning thus far. We decided on using Jetsetter's Personal Travel Planner. There is a one time $250 fee and this gets credited to your trip once it is officially booked. There were speedy and informative and sent us a travel guide of places to visit while we are there. 

While planning our honeymoon, we went back and forth between a few destinations. My dream has always been to visit Africa, but it can be rather expensive (for the safari's) and we only have 10 days. We chose Costa Rica in the beginning but found out that it was their rainy season. We then were set on Santorini, Greece and we even booked our plane tickets. We decided to get our money back because of the recent financial struggles within the country and didn't want to run into issues while we were there. It was at this time that I remembered that my fiance has always wanted to travel to Asia and I had heard great things about Bali. We set our heart on it and planned the trip.
I could not be more excited to travel across the world and discover another culture. I have not traveled much in my life (yet) and have only been out of the country on 2 trips (Dominican Republic, United Kingdom, & Canada). I have always wanted to travel much more but unfortunately our careers do not allow for it.

If you have ever been to Bali, Indonesia or even anywhere in the world that you think is wonderful - let us know! We would love to plan more trips....maybe for our anniversaries?!? ;)

Jul 30, 2012

Dress Code: From Day to Night


Remember that day that you wanted to change mid-day and create a look perfect for a night out without going back home? I have done this many times- throwing different shoes & accessories into my car to "dress" up my outfit for nighttime. I always keep my overall outfit the same but usually just change my purse, shoes and accessories. 
Kim from Penny Pincher Fashion
Danielle from Lou What Wear

Day: Old Navy Cargo Vest  //  H&M Bow Top (recent purchase) // Zara White Denim // Linea Pelle Handbag  //  MIA Sandals  //  gifted Sunglasses via glassesusa  //  gifted Initial necklace from Lucid New York  //  

Night: H&M Bow Top  //  Zara White Denim  //  Marc by Marc Jacobs Sandals via sale at Barney's New York  //  gifted Blair Ritchey Clutch in snake  //  gifted Nu Sans Bijoux necklace via Etsy  //  DKNY Watch  //  OIA Jules pave ball bracelet  //  gifted Tocca Jewelry rope chain bracelet on Etsy  //

Shop the day to night look here: Click image for details :)

Jul 26, 2012

Etsy Finds


a. Turkish Bath Towels
b. Laundry Soap/Fabric Softener
c. Fun Stationary
d. Nursery Art
e. Dive In Rustic Sign
f. Crab Tray

Gosh. I love Etsy. I love it enough to browse the sites for hours upon hours and forget what was on my to-do list for the day. There is just so much to love and I feel like it keeps getting better and better. There are some seriously talented DIY'ers (uhm, is that a word?) out there - Wish I could be as creative and crafty!

What are your favorite Etsy shops?! 


Jul 25, 2012

A Blog Change

image via 

I have been struggling recently with the feelings behind my blog. I had experienced this before in 2010 when I deleted my blog suddenly (From Skirts to Skillets) because I felt like it was going in a direction that I didn't want it to. While my heart is in fashion and I love doing outfit photos, I have begun to have mixed feelings behind them. 

Many "personal style bloggers" may be able to connect with me when I say that we often come across as "conceited", "arrogant", "self-absorbed", "narcissistic" - I could go on & on. I mean there we are, taking pictures of only ourselves over & over again. I mean I get it. It does seem kind of crazy. Do people really care what one person wears every day? I mean, there must be some people, but that person is just not me - so why am I posting that every day?

Then of course, there is the time factor behind outfit photos. It is incredibly difficult to find the time to constantly document your outfits. Unless of course, you are a full time personal style blogger who documents your daily attire. Folks, my daily attire consists of scrubs and ridiculously Dansko clogs. Any personal stylist would give me a big thumbs down

I originally started this blog because I missed being able to share my outfit inspiration and love for fashion and this was the best way to do it. However, I find myself forcing outfit photographs because I feel "behind" all the time with my blog calendar. This had me thinking about the reason why I started this blog in the first place. 

There are many other things I love to do and enjoy that I don't often share on this blog- exercise, interior design, cooking, wedding planning, photography etc. I don't know when my blog has only focused on daily outfit photographs or shopping collages but I have to say this: I AM OVER IT. There is so much more in this world than materialistic happiness. I do not want this blog to focus on purchasing things to make them happy. 

I find it very UNinspiring (is that a word? - oh well it is now) to venture onto a blog that doesn't have a voice. The same daily rundown of their outfits every day. Don't get me wrong.....I do love to see a blog that does outfit photos occasionally- just not every.single.day. I do realize that I am this person.

Some of the blogs that I have truly come to love to read on a daily basis are focused on optimism and the joys of life and are extremely inspirational to me. I would love to be able to inspire others, not only with fashion but with everything that I do. I want be able to create a great readership behind my blog and know that they can connect with me. Some of the bloggers that helped inspire this change include: Amanda, Cecilia, Nicholl, Katie, Sarah, Anna, & Ashley (to name a few!)

With all of this being said, I will be showcasing my thoughts much more often and creating posts that are more "well- rounded". What would you like to see more of on the blog?


Jul 24, 2012

Pink Poppy & Life Pondering


Forever 21 Scalloped Top     ASOS Skirt (on sale for $31!)     gifted Katherine Kwei Bag     Shoes via Ebay     Vintage Pearl necklace     H&M Sweater     gifted Ann Taylor Bracelets

I absolutely love my job saving lives in the emergency room but I have to say that it occasionally takes it's toll. I go through phases where I love everything that I do and phases when I wear myself thin. It is so hard to experience such turmoil and loss of life on a daily basis. We make a lot of people better but we also see the world at it's worst as well. While I will always want to keep my job in the ER, I have been thinking of other things I may be meant to do in my lifetime. You know, those nights where you lie awake and think: I am really born to do that. 
The more & more I got into blogging had me thinking about how much I love photography. I love catching the world in it's best light via a camera lens. The ER teaches me about illness/disease/death/life and a camera lens shows us the greatest events in one's life: a baby, a wedding, an engagement, maternity photos, etc. While I have been thinking about this for years, I have finally put my foot down and decided to pursue these dreams in the next few months- year. I will be takes classes with Nicole (found by Lauren) and learning everything I can about photography. 
Do you know anything about photography? Any tips or classes that you suggest? :)

Jul 23, 2012

Collared Tips

Vintage Blouse      Forever 21 Skirt (old)     Topshop Flats (old)     ASOS Collar Tips (also love  these  - one, two, three)    Michael Kors Handbag (very old, but a goodie!)     Max & Cleo Monogram Necklace     Vintage pearl necklaces

Today is our engagement-versary! We will be celebrating with a game of mini golf and relaxation. Cannot wait for the big day! <3

Jul 22, 2012

Closet Cleaning


DVF, H&M, Rebecca Minkoff, ASOS - all for sale up on Threadflip after a closet cleanout!

Head here to see everything that's on sale :)

Jul 21, 2012

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Ok ya'll - I had the opportunity to preview the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and have to say that there are a lot of things that I learned during the event.  First and foremost, the sale is on next season's styles. Yes, that would mean, F/W season. The best part about that is your getting the goods (on SALE) before anyone else. I mean really, this is a fashionista's dream, right? 
The sale began in the 1960's and occurs this year from Friday, July 20th (yesterday) until Sunday August, 6th 2012. You can shop in store OR online (heck yes to this). 

*Oh, and just so you are aware- I am not being compensated by Nordstrom to write about the sale. I just love it that much :)
The lovely Lani- snapping pictures of the gorgeous merchandise
One of my favorite pieces from the Anniversary Sale. Grab it for $199!
We were given some amazing beauty products to try for ourselves and these were by far my favorites!
-Anastasia Beverley Hills Duo Brow Powder -- I have always been a huge fan of accentuating eyebrows. It is honestly one of my favorite makeup "tools". This one is quickly becoming a favorite :)
-Victor & Rolf 'Flowerbomb" Eau de Parfum Spray -- Smells of cotton candy (well according to my man) The smell is so soft and romantic- I love it! (kit is $115 during sale)
- Clinique 'Chubby Stick' Moisturizing Lip Color Balm --Helllllo amazing Chubby Stick! This thing rocks. Adds moisture and color and I can't get enough
-Dior 'Vernis' Nail Lacquer in Poison -- The prettiest deep purple nail varnish in history :) ($23 during the sale)
Out of everything I saw and tried from Nordstrom- this one is my favorite. Introducing.....
Antica Farmacista - "Coriander, lotus, & cucumber" - the most amazing scent in the world 
This product is 33% off during the sale- stock up!

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