Jan 15, 2013

A Trip up North

This weekend was one of those weekends where you just had to get out of town for a little while. Vermont was the perfect prescription.
It was incredibly warm while we were there- temperatures in the 40's, which is crazy warm for VT this time of year. It made for some great skiing and snowboarding!

This craziness above is call "Bulldogging" - where you climb these tall spindly trees and then hang down the top of it until it lowers you to the ground.
I miss it already. 
Being "unplugged" for a few days always reenergizes me and makes me realize how much we overuse things like twitter, Facebook, instagram, etc. I mean it's great to be able to document the memories on instagram - but also better to enjoy the actual moments without pulling out your iPhone. I loved not having the pressure to create another blog post or post another tweet. It feels so good to be disconnected that I sometimes want to do that completely. 
That day is not today or tomorrow, but who knows...

How was your weekend?!


  1. I've never heard of "bulldogging," but it sounds like fun! Vermont must have been amazing this time of year. Going north for me means going into Michigan, which is also beautiful this time of year. I love doing that.

    I so agree with you about unplugging. Social media can be addictive and can also be a burden, and weekends are always an opportune time to unplug.

    Caitlin Wilson

  2. I love all the fog in these pics, they are great! Looks like a fun trip!


  3. The weekend was filled with a bit of work, catching up on tv shows, and high tea with my mom and sister-in-law...the perfect mix.

    Your photos look like this winter wonderland. As an AZ girl, I cannot even imagine that kind of beauty. Thanks for sharing!



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