Jan 17, 2013

Bundled Up

{Outfit Details}
Old Navy Vest  /  gifted Margaret O' Leary Engineer Coat (Check out her fall collection)  
Ralph Lauren Polo  /  Kasil Workshop Denim

I find myself more and more drawn to independent designers as of lately. I love supporting their passions and there is something that is so special when you tell someone that you are wearing something from the "Margaret O' Leary" collection, rather than a big name designer. Her collection is totally flawless and this particular coat is made of the thickest material. Oh, and a bonus: it's ridiculously comfy :)
I have also been using this new curling iron ( I used to curl with a straightener ) and I am loving how the hair starts to fall in an hour and comes out in perfect curls. Loving it. If you all are interested in a tutorial, let me know!


  1. I love this look! You've done layers perfectly. Is the vest chambray?

    That hat is the perfect topper.


  2. love your hat and bib necklace! :)
    ya know, the one thing i could NEVER master was curling with a straightener....no matter how many times i try i just can't do it! i'll stick with my trusty curling iron any day.

  3. I love your vest layered over the jacket! This is a great mix of classic pieces. And your hair looks great here!


  4. Love the layered outfit. I always layer because I am always cold when I get out of the house, but in the car the heat comes on full blast. I see that you were in Vermont last weekend, I was so happy to hear that you enjoyed your time here. I live in Vermont very close to where your pictures were taken. Vermont is so beautiful. I could not believe when I looked at the pictures of the "bulldogging". My sibling and I, as a child used to do this all the time for fun. We would race to see who could get to the top and have it swing us down to the ground the fastest or try to swing from one to touch each other. Wow, I think it is so funny just what we did for fun as children whne we didn't have all these games and electronics to keep us busy. Just wondering are your pictures taken in Vermont in this post also? Thanks for allowing me to follow your blog, Love it.

  5. I love the pictures taken out in the snow and in the woods. http://blessedsoul35.blogspot.com/

  6. Great layering. Love the coat! It's gorgeous, and I may also be attached to it because of the name (I'm an engineer). :)

  7. I love your hat and vest! Great winter outfit :)

  8. Love your layering and the pop of color! And I am intrigued by the curls you speak of, both the flat iron ones and your new kind:)

  9. Love the shades of blue/grey in this. So pretty. -Heidi http://fabricandfrosting.blogspot.no/

  10. You look adorable! Nice and cozy. Love all the snow. It's 80 in LA today! Craziness.


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