Jan 29, 2013

Gallery Wall: The Very Beginning Stages

 I have been yearning to start building my own gallery wall for months now. I have decided to start collecting the pieces that I want - but will have to wait until we move into our new place come late spring. 
I scored this crazy good lookin' guy via Etsy on NearandDeer.
You can score one of these for yourself for 10% off with the code: SPARKLINGFOOTSTEPS10
You won't regret that purchase, I can promise you.
I will update you on the pieces/wall art that I find as I go along. If you have any Etsy shops your recommend for prints or other sites- please let me know! :)


  1. I love him! I can't wait to visit that Etsy shop, too!

  2. I want to start a gallery wall too! This is a great little shop to start with. Thanks!
    Penniless Socialite


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