Jan 3, 2013

Workout Circuit

Workout Attire (Pants & Jacket): Thanks to Athleta (nearest store: Natick, MA)
The most comfortable pair of workout pants I have ever owned. No, seriously.
The Prevail Jacket has the cutest ruffles along the zipper. Love it.
Nike Shoes

This workout is crazy. Crazy hard. But, you wanna know something? 
You will be so proud of yourself when you are done.
I will even let you eat a cookie ;)

I came up with this workout after becoming seriously bored with my regular workout routine. I was sick of running a few miles, doing abs and heading home. I wanted a workout where I felt the burn. You have to trick your body during your workouts in order to see results. As I add workouts here on Sparkling Footsteps, I encourage you to always switch up your workouts and never do the same routine (per week)!


  1. As strange as it sounds getting back into a workout routine after I have this baby is one of the things I can't wait for!

    Memoirs & Mochas

  2. Burpees are the dance of the devil!!! lol

  3. Thanks so much for this! I NEED to do this becuase I NEED to lose weight...like NOW! I have no idea what a reverse prisoner lunge is, but I'm going to Google it so I can do this workout later today!

  4. I agree with Kristen's comment above. I bet this would kick my trash though :)

    xo, Amy

  5. Thanks for sharing this because I think I need to start! Haha

    Cindy x

  6. I tried your last workout routine and almost died! This one looks even more intense so I think I'll have to work up to it. By the way, what's a reverse prisoner lunge? sounds scary!

  7. Wow okay so I know I need to exercise more but I have no idea what a burpee is so I think I really need to get started ASAP!! Thanks for the inspiration and motivation!! =)

    Ergo - Blog

  8. Great workout! I love a good circuit! :) Always happy to swap workout tips!
    A Little Dash of Darling

  9. I really need to start a new workout. I've been packing on some pounds since the birth of my son, and it's time to get going. Love the mix-up of the workout. Definitely won't get boring!


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