Captured by the Light || Top 8 Photography Related Apps

1. VSCO Cam || One of my favorite ways to edit photographs
2. Pic Tap Go || Another one of my favorite editing apps – instantly cool down your photo or add tons of light (& more really exciting stuff)  :)
3. Artifact Uprising || My favorite app to create a photo book of the pictures from your phone. A+ quality
4. Tadaa SLR || Instantly add a blur/bokeh background to your pictures!
5. LightTrac || Love this app (being a photographer)! You can track where the sun rises and sets and where the sun is at that exact moment in time. It is great for placing your subjects
6. Dropbox || This app instantly downloads every picture from your phone into the dropbox gallery, makes it easy to delete pictures from your phone and know that they are stored elsewhere
7. Rhonna Designs || My favorite way to add “flare” to pictures. Add quotes, text, icons, etc. 
8. Instasize || Instantly resize your images for Instagram!

What are your favorite apps for your phone?!


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