All About Baby: Clek Foonf Car Seat Review

Quality: This baby weighs nearly 40 pounds when rear-facing and when I say it’s the cadillac of car seats, I am totally not joking. It is reinforced by a steel and magnesium substructure which helps to absorb energy from a collision and the end result is less impact on your child. It also has a anti-rebound bar when it is in the rear – facing position and this improves it’s stability. Basically, the bottom line is that the quality is ridiculously good. 
Appearance: I love the sleek, modern appearance of the foonf. It’s an attractive car seat, if I was a car seat, this one would be the one I would be after ;)  The best part about these is that they have a smaller width so you can fit three of them across your backseat! They also come in a wide range of colors, which is awesome!
Does Olivia like it?: LOVES it. The second I put her in it, there was this huge smile on her face. It’s higher up than her infant seat and she can see herself in the mirror (on the back of her seat) now and she is sitting more forwards and she looks so comfy cozy in there. She never fights when I try to put her in (hopefully, that never changes!)
Age/Weight Range: 25 – 65 lbs. (up to 50 lbs for rear-facing then the seat can go forward facing) You don’t want to place your babe in here until they are able to sit up on their own and are comfortable sitting upwards. Olivia was 8 months when we switched her over from her infant seat, but this will vary for every child. 
Features: This is HUGE. The fabric on the car seat is made of Crypton® Super Fabrics and is GREENGUARD certified. Basically, what you need to know is, these won’t stain. like ever. It also protects against odor-causing bacteria! A huge selling point for me!
Overall Rating: A  || This seat has been an amazing addition to our family vehicle and Olivia just loves it. When and if we are blessed with more children, I will certainly be adding more of these to our backseat! 
** A Clek foonf was sent for me to review. These are my honest opinions about the product. 


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